Dr. Chad Hancock's Research Lab

Cellular iron is a vital component of life
Iron is required by most organisms as it serves as a prosthetic group for proteins involved in central cellular processes, including respiration, DNA synthesis and oxygen transport. In excess, cellular iron catalyzes the generation of free radicals that damage protein, DNA and lipids, whereas cellular iron deficiency impairs cellular proliferation.
Weekly Lab Meetings
Every week we meet together to discuss lab lab business, research, and to go over a research paper similar to this one!
Fun with the Oroboros O2k
The Oroboros O2k machine is a very useful tool to have in the lab. It measures respiration in your samples and can give give very useful information!
Liquid nitrogen is inert, colorless, odorless, non corrosive, nonflammable and extremely cold. It is invaluable in research. What to know more?
BCA Protein Assays
Protein Assays are vital for getting good, reliable information from any sample that you want data from. Want to know more?
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