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Peer Reviewed Publications:

Hardman, S. E., Hall, D. E., Cabrera, A. J., Hancock, C. R., & Thomson, D. M. (2014). The effects of age and muscle contraction on AMPK activity and heterotrimer composition. Exp Gerontol, 55, 120-128.

Frier BC, Hancock CR, Little JP, Fillmore N, Bliss TA, Thomson DM, Wan Z, and Wright DC. Reductions in RIP140 are not Required for Exercise and AICAR Mediated Increases in Skeletal Muscle Mitochondrial Content. Journal of Applied Physiology 2011 Sep; 111(3): 688-95.

Fillmore N, Jacobs DL, Mills DB, Winder WW, and Hancock CR. Chronic AMP-activated protein kinase activation and a high-fat diet have an additive effect on mitochondria in rat skeletal muscle. J Appl Physiol 109: 511-520, 2010.

Leavitt TC, Eggett DL, Hancock CR, and Fullmer S. Measured resting energy expenditure is related to measures of bone in adult men. Obesity and Metabolism 6: 80-85, 2010.

 Research Abstracts

Stallings MT, Hart CM, Cardon BC, Brunson SE and Hancock CR.  A high isoflavone diet does not change glucose tolerance, body weight, or body fat accumulation in Wistar rats. FASEB J April 2014 28:LB424.

Johnson JJ, Smith D, Wagner W, Bohman B, Wright DC, Holloway GP, and Hancock CR. Rosiglitazone decreases cellular iron status in livers from zdf rats.  FASEB J April 2014 28:LB774.

Hardman SE, Merrill JF, Thomson DM, Hancock CR.  The effect of iron deficiency on AMPK subunit isoform composition in skeletal muscle. FASEB J April 9, 2013 27:1202.22

Cardon BR, Stallings MT, Brunson SE, Hart CM, Swiss MD, Hepworth SD, Christensen MJ, and Hancock CR. Dietary isoflavones and supplemental selenium show interactive effects on blood-glucose homeostasis in male FVB mice. FASEB J 26: 869.814, 2012.

Merrill JF, Hepworth SD, Willie S, Winder WW, Thomson DM, and Hancock CR. Iron deficiency causes a shift in AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) catalytic subunit composition in rat skeletal muscle. FASEB J 26: 1144.1112, 2012.

Stallings MT, Hardman JM, Hart CM, Christensen MJ, and Hancock CR. Fiber-type skeletal muscle response to dietary selenium and isoflavone supplementation in male mice. FASEB J 26: 1086.1025, 2012.

Curtis M, Henriksen B, Fillmore N, Winder WW, Thomson DM, and Hancock CR. Chronic activation of AMPK limits hepatic triglyceride accumulation independent of changes in total glycerol-3-phosphate-acyltransferase activity. FASEB J 25: 1117.1110, 2011.

Evanson BG, Schmidt AD, Mayo JL, Bridgewater LC, Hancock CR.  Nuclear bone morphogenetic protein 2 mutant mice exhibit slowed relaxation and a shift in the force frequency relationship in skeletal muscle. FASEB J April 6, 2010 24:lb676.

Evanson BG, Hepworth SD, Winder WW, Thomson DM, CR Hancock.  Muscle specific LKB1 deficiency results in slowed muscle relaxation and exaggerated fatigue. International Biochemistry of Exercise Conference 2009.

Fillmore N, Jacobs D, Mills D, Winder WW, Hancock CR.  Effect of high fat diet and chemical activation of AMPK on skeletal muscle mitochondria.  International Biochemistry of Exercise Conference 2009.